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To write down a process that happened from inside out, it’s not an easy task, because I need to show it but I have come little paragraphs to do it. Something that was greater than my own expectations, so I won’t share all the amazing things that I lived at India, and some of those things are just going to be known for me and God, and it’s not because of me, there are several reasons such as I don’t have words to express them or I’m trying to write them in English (not my first language, and trust me, some things that have sense in Spanish, do not have any in English language). But I hope to share as much how it be possible.

The indian gate from New Delhi

Since the first time I started to feel uncomfortable with my work space, and sometimes, because of my social environment, I realized that I needed to move on some way to stop the infinite cycle I was living in. I’m sure, at that point, several events started to unchain, then they leaded me to my new trip, a trip which taught me to learn, a trip with a new destiny, and from my perspective: a trip to my new train.

Taj Mahal inspiration: Humayun’s Tomb


Red Fort in New Delhi

Now talking as if my life was a tale, I had felt in the train station, while I was waiting my new train, I met some old friends, though they were not going to take the train with me, they assured to me, without any doubt, they had been with me, inside my heart, with good wishes and beautiful thoughts, so in those moment, when I felt blue, I found fortitude when I remembered them. So now they are priceless to me, nobody it’s going to pay or get something as great than they are, and I thank God every day for them.

Sijs’ temples: They are places to meditate and pray
The golden Temple in Amritsar


When I arrived the train I noticed that I have some exotics passengers, and they have another life philosophy, a new one that brought me a closer vision of my own one. “I wish you the best and you can find all the wonderful things that you deserve…” It was just one of other twenty four stars that shone over me in the sky, and my heart is in heaven because heaven is my home, then I realized: “Yes, I had my friends living in my heart” as they said. But I was really shocked when I saw all passengers in this new train, were so similar to the passengers of my former train, but such a vast difference, the new ones were convinced that “Life is a trip, not a destination”… so, we are going to be with others temporally, then, we maybe would change the train again and those partners we have in the train, maybe we are not going to see them again, then we need to learn as much as we can from others around us until we have them.


Even the ruins in the city were so beautiful and atractive
Any detail represents their culture

Now, this is my major challenge, I started to build a collection of photos which I will show you my personal learning, and as I said in the beginning, It’s not possible to show you all my learning, but I can give you a small peak of what I lived. Then I will try to recreate in all those pictures a little part of my immersion in this new land, any picture I selected I did it with the passion and all the fervor of sharing the amazing experience that God provided me in that Country… in India


The legendary Taj Mahal


I didn’t have a specific theme, not composition or rule to take any shoot, just I wanted at that moment, to catch the incredible India in the image, to give you a small view of something completely unknown. I must confess that I had some clear from the beginning, I was going to share these pictures with my closer friends. And now God is opening a new door to let me share this experience with all of you, and from my perspective, any selection represent the sense of a small part of India’s culture. This selection of photos is a group that means my fervor for sharing this amazing experience that change my mind, and this is the only way that I know to share it, through photos.


When you see Forts and war places.. even them show you a lot of color and sympathy
The first letter of my name… do you see it?

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