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In our spanish dictionary we find this word as “integrity or character strength”. I must say that before coming to India I had not believed I was completely confident about my thoughts and acts, I have always felt that I was simply influenced by everything around me, my convictions in certain parts of my life had seemed questionable and maybe my truth wasn’t THE REAL TRUTH.

The Jallianwala Bagh has a special impact on me because it shows that the real force is the one you can imply over yourself
The marks on the bullet wall are an eternal reminding of the slaughter, and how britain troops killed a crowd of innocent people with machine guns in Amritsar

However I came to realize that when I have a clear idea, I totally go for it, it doesn’t matter how far I ought to, because this idea has had become into my truth and a reason to keep fighting to feel integrity as a part of my life. At that moment I realized that I have become complete, even more than I thought I was before. Choosing to follow Jesus in a society where everybody clearly knows what a Christian is able to do and what he’s not, sometimes makes me feel out of place when I think about it by myself, because I don’t always agree with others, and for the record I don’t have enough reasons to do that all the time. But I am totally sure that I want to follow Jesus, not Krishna or Muhammad, it is JESUS, the center of my humanity and the man I want to be like, and the one who I think of before any action. It is truth that I don’t always achieve his greatness, but it’s my wish to be able to do so one day.

In the edge with Pakistan, you can access to a kind of army show where Indian and Pakistani celebrate their roots and lands

So, maybe you are wondering about the relation between the word “independency” and being surrendered to doctrines and other people’s thoughts. Basically it is my choice to surrender to them. I was the one who chose, with a clear mind, to be Christian and to make this idea my vision of liberty, follow their rules and regulations about what a Christian life means, and not because of the benefits I gain as a Christian, but because when you’re living among muslims, or any other followers of religion (I even saw people who served several gods or followed several religions) I must confess that sometimes I felt shocked, but I was always firm and sure about the things I believe a life of a Cristian should be, showing the person of Jesus in any action I did. I think this ability to stand on
your own convictions and practice them freely, that power of choosing who you’re going to follow and to serve without any impediment it’s what I call “INDEPENDENCY”

The gates of the temples let you see the structures wrapping up with water. It represents a
newborn life and purity


There are a lot of religions, which means citizens have an infinite number of options.


Krishna has a big number of followers, I was shocked when I found out he has followers in Latin America (No doubts there are a lot of job for Christians in India, we need to pray so hard for them, God reaches more people in that country)


The golden temple in Amritsar


India means options and possibilities, to learn about a new culture which makes me feel new to experiences and traditions. But each citizen passed me this sense of independence about  choosing his or her path, any one that each of them has taken, they were personally responsible for their elections and lives, and they were happy with the fact of being  this way. To finish, my independency lies in the freedom of choosing who I am and how I introduce myself to others. Then they showed to me what it means: to be Independent people


One of the well-known attractions at India, but sadly they suffer a lot as a part of the industry


Many interesting birds and doves can be seen in any corner


In parks they fly freely accompanied by birds of the other species 

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