Pushing myself to be different, create my own perspectives and concepts, is not, undoubtedly, an easy thing to do. The environment where the person is living, apply some pressure to turn her/him into something which fit in the definition of appropriate and what is regular. Going over those paradigms is the major challenge for many human beings whom are different from the rest, whether we realize that we have a sort of needing to be accepted and feeling part of the environment in which we live. A quote from the psychologist Abraham Maslow in his paper “Motivation and Personality” in 1954, he suggested that needing for love and belonging is a fundamental human motivation. So, I’ll tell you again “To appreciate those aspects which made ​​me different and constituted me as an individual person was not the easiest tasks in my life”, but it was the first step to the time where I am now, and the conscious recognition of my inner growing.

I took this picture in Bangla Sahib Guruwara, it was funny because this Sikh was trying to call my attention since he looked at me taking pictures / Nov. 2013

Living as a foreigner in your own land and having the assurance wherever you go, you will think about it, reveals me about this thought is part of my individuality. To appreciate my experience and any lived moment, to recognize my culture and my roots, morality and deep values, of course they have been influenced with the brush of the society where I have grown, made me shine in an ancient land who is defined for thought diversities, where its citizens are desiring the spiritual growing and the material things are in other plane. Their biggest leader is a man who are recognized in the history of the humanity for his fight in order to equality and human rights, a man with the exceptional phrase “Hatred ever kills, love never dies. Such is the vast difference between the two”. A man who used his influences to exalt peace and keeping owns convictions. No mentions about my complete surrender to his personality, he said in all his speeches and messages, a strong idea of being proud when you are protecting whatever you believe.

Now this pic is from Humayun’s Tomb. All the Aptech group were doing the local tour that day in Delhi, it was common to see people sitting down anywhere, with no more interaction than a sight

After “The Indian Xperience” (as I like to call it), I realized how unique I am, and God knows that better than me, this is the reason he has a unique plan for me. It’s up to me what way I will take, the easy one where my life will go as my environment tells me, fitting it according to anything around me, just being unnoticed, without move waters and let them carry me in their directions, or I will take the other swimming against them and being INDIVIDUAL people.

I was in Amritsar, on the border with pakistan, this car called my attention because is so colorful and although it has the name of both nations (India and Pakistan) and between them the word “Friendship”

God used the way that fits to me, to my individuality, and he showed me the importance of being different and the influence I can have in the life of others. All my life I have been fighting to be equal to others and don’t have those ideas going around my mind, that were not adjusted with what I thought that I deserved. After the blessing of living those months a different society that I was used to, I learn to appreciate any aspect of myself, and I understood they are a God’s gift, which he gave me as tools to reach successful, from my perspective. Now I will show you a little sample of the takes that makes me reminds this premise: INDIVIDUALITY

This photo represents a shrine to Ganesha. To me it was a very particular shrine, because sometimes you could confused it with a mess of things


An small necklaces market  that you found in Red Fort in Delhi. For indian women necklaces are a piece of clothing firsthand


Something that may you don’t know (Ok!, I am kidding!) is cows are sacred in India, so they live free around all cities there


Doggies were a common point with my country, and you will find them anywhere, and even lying in abandoned transportation throughout the city of New Delhi


In Shimla, the Hanuman’s city, there is an statue in his honor, the monkey-shaped god. I think for this reason monkeys were the order of the day in that city. Sometimes this uniqueness was creepy to me


Differences between men and women in India was very hard for me. Often I could not understand the reasons for such marked differences between the genders, and I am sure any of my Venezuelan colleagues would not hold these precepts at least for a week


No matter how mighty or majestic represent your figure, society and the conditions can become you a slave, this comes clear to me when I saw their animals’ treatment



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