I never have considered myself as a charismatic person in the sense that religions gives to this word, even if I use the “charisma” word in a more earthly sense, I think I don’t have this quality from my perspective, I would rather think that any spark of charming in my personality is because of circumstances in my life that makes me learn to be charming because I need to survive in my society. Anyway many Indian people had described me as a charismatic person.


Going out the metro station I found out a beautiful dog, who fell in love with my camera… and he posed to me


Many animals that I saw there were involved in sadness, you could see it in their eyes, but in the other hand, I saw in them a lot of colorful and charmed

I want to start my blog saying to you this because, in the other hand, I always saw them as wonderful and charming people, I thought they had the special ability to fascinate every foreigner around them, and me as well… but they told me the same thing happened to them when they talked to me, is not it kind of weird?

I felt excited and sad at the same time because many great animals were just slaves


It doesn’t matter if they were the most majestic or the biggest, they were blasted for the day-to-day

Thanks to the kindness of the India’s residents, I made some friends whom I still keep in touch, and of course, I talked a lot with them when I was in India. But it was funny because every time I had a conversation, they were kind of fascinated with my culture, country and anything related to decisions I have taken over my life, which leaded me to take the adventure of learning about a country in the other side of the globe, and beyond that, about being fascinated for any simple action which in India was a day-to-day thing. The way I connected with others, the Spanish sound of my English join to a kind and soft pronunciation, and how sometimes I came across as a warm person, they all were several examples of niceness that certainly they return my kindness, my warm by acting nicely.

I love the colorful you can find in the parks, specially the Lodhi Garden park


Nice places, many colours, I reminded a lot to my country Venezuela. The one I belong


I used to listen phrases like: karma is a cosmic law about causes and effects. However, since I became Christian, I had believed what we find in the second book of Corinthians, chapter nine, verse six to seven that say: “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” Then I realized anything we give, or we gave, to others is going to be replaced by the same thing, but
returning from people around us.


I was so alerted about the food I ate because I was exposed to get a lot of diseases. It was always a challenge to select my meals, but I was always tempted to eat weird things



From this, I think my environment, at that moment, helped me to show my most charismatic facet, and then I showed others this quality that I barely have. This constant friendliness from any one around me, was the reason that asked me to be in the same level than them, and from my perspective, I was more interesting in being reciprocal than being a warm person. But again, I have a new revelation that God is in charge of anything and he puts you on the right path, with the medium and right environment to make you understand what he wants to teach you for your daily life. It doesn’t matter how many time it takes, and the way he need to take, he is going to work in your side to show the infinity of the human virtues, and the reason why he is still working for the humanity. So I hope you can understand the meaning of the word “CHARISMA” in these photos.



Again, I saw many birds going freely everywhere


The scream square in Shimla


I was shocked because of the marriages there, many husbands were barely over 14 years old

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